SS shoes and an outfit

I ordered these Secret Shop shoes from Qutieland back in June.  It was a pre-order, so it was always going to take a while for them to come.  They ended up arriving on the 11th of December, ONE DAY after I left the country.  So I only got to see them when I got home 2 weeks ago!

They fit super well!  And they're very comfortable.  I wore them at uni all day yesterday, and did a lot of walking and standing up and playing marimba.

The heel is big but it's nice and thick too.

Sorry this photo is so bad.  Bad camera I guess, or bad lighting.

I curled my hair but you wouldn't know it.

Look!  I have a new present hanging on my bookcase!

I've been wanting to do more outfit posts but it's been hot!  I don't like wearing my really nice dresses when it's hot.


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