Last night in Piteå

So the other night we had our friends over for my farewell party.  It was a dessert party, so I made a lemon merengue pie and biscuits, and everyone else brought cakes and stuff.  It was amazingly filling and nice.  We have some really nice friends here!

Today the four of us percussionists recorded a piece by Maria.  She played the solo marimba part, and Charles, Jake and I were batterie.  It was great!  We used nice cameras to get good angles, and used the University media students to record the sound and do the lighting.  We ended up having a very professional setup.  It only took three takes to get a really good recording.  Then we had to bump out and move heaps of percussion and other gear.  But after that it was like 6pm and it was home time!  It was sad saying goodbye to Jake and Maria - we've become really good friends.  Maria gave me a signed copy of her piece - parts and all - so when she's rich and famous I can say "I knew her!".  The recording will be up on the internet in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Charles and I came home super tired from standing up and playing and moving gear all day.  Had dinner and then our OTHER friends Margrét and Gisli came round to collect their cups (we borrowed them for our party - Charles only has 4 cups) and had a coffee.  I'm going to miss them heaps!  They are special people.

So now it's almost bedtime and tomorrow we're off to Stockholm!  We'll be there for two nights and then I'm off home to Australia.  I really do love Australia, so I am looking forward to being home.  But it just will hurt to leave Charles here.  I know he misses home more than I do!


  1. Moving gear always seems quite tiring, but I'm glad it didn't take too long to be satisfied with the recording you guys had. Hmm, meringue is nice that you could have a farewell party with your friends. Enjoy Stockholm and have a safe trip home.


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