J et J dress co-ordinate 3!

Here's another one again!  I really like this dress.  So many options!

Juliette et Justine co-ordinate 3!

This one was inspired by the creamy tones in the lace and ribbons on the dress.  It has a bit more of a vintage feel to it with those boots and the jewellery.  Still can't figure out a blue co-ordinate but I'll keep trying!

Each time I make a coordinate, Charles likes this dress more.  Eventually he'll say "You should buy it!"  Not that I need his permission - but his approval is desirable!

I like Polyvore for another reason - all the items have information attached so you can see how much each thing costs and where you can buy it.  It's like window shopping except more fun because there are less people to get in your way, and you don't have to look at stuff you don't like.

I wish the website had a different name though.  Polyvore sounds kind of gross somehow.


  1. I like the 1st and 3rd ones the best and I especially like the jewelery in this one. It is cool that you use Polyvore to combine things and get prices.


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