I've been home for two days now, and I'm slowly putting my life back together.

Leaving Charles at Arlanda was the hardest thing I've ever done - harder than leaving him at Perth, because this time I was also dreading my giant flight.  It totally tore me apart and I'm still very sad.

The flights were much more tolerable this time round.  Flight no. 1 from Stockholm to Bangkok went through the night, but to everyone on the plane it felt like day.  They turned off all the lights and stopped serving meals to make us sleep, but those crazy Swedes drank all the alcohol on the plane and talked the whole way.  There was also a very naughty little girl in the seat behind me who kept playing with the tray table and kicking my seat and yelling.  GOSH.  Anyhow it didn't matter much because nobody was tired.  Bangkok airport was much easier because my phone had reception this time around!  Such a feeling of reassurance when one's phone works.

On the second flight I sat next to an Irish dude who was visiting Australia to see his girlfriend.  He drank 5 beers and then fell asleep.  I watched a cool movie called "Not You Again" or something.  Anyhow I just endured it for long enough to get into Sydney and meet my parents.  They kindly picked me up from Sydney and drove all the way home to Canberra.

I was kind of sick the next day... jetlagged and bilious.  That kind of flight is quite an ordeal to get over, for someone wimpy like me.  I'm both physically and emotionally drained.  I felt so lame I didn't even try on my new dress until the evening.

I had fun making outfits with my new Victorian Maiden dress and my new Secret Shop shoes.  I ordered those shoes back in June, and they arrived the DAY AFTER I left for Sweden, in December.  Worst timing ever!  Photos of both these things to come, when I feel more energetic.  The dress fits me absolutely perfectly.  They only have one size, which is kind of unfairly exclusive.  There must be lots  of girls who would like to wear VM but don't fit.  It would be nice if they could introduce a couple of sizes.

Today I amused myself by throwing out lots of old clothes.  It's something I really enjoy doing - the chance to clear out all the junk and stuff I never wear, the mistakes, the worn out clothes I loved to bits.  A chance to make room for new, more awesome clothes.  I always try to throw out more than I bring in, because in the last few years my wardrobe has become kind of ridiculously bloated with unworn clothes and shoes.  I also like having a clear wardrobe so that I can see clearly what I actually have.  Lots of clothes get forgotten because they're simply not seen.

While I was away my parents painted my brother's old room and fixed the carpet so that now it actually looks nice!  It's bigger than mine, so I've decided to change rooms.  A change is as good as a holiday, and even though I just had a holiday, I feel I need a change.  Going away and living independently for so long has made me realise I really need to sort my stuff out, and this is ONE step along my process.  It will probably make me realise that I have a lot of stuff that's not wanted any more.

Once all my stuff is sorted and I'm no longer busy organising, I hope to get back into craft and stuff.  I have actually been knitting a jumper, but haven't taken photos.  I'm worried it'll turn out weird!


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