Fascinating fascinator

The other night, my friend and I were looking at Polyvore and found some cool looking hair bands.  We said "We could make those!"  So yesterday we walked into town and bought some supplies from craft stores.
I bought a shoulder pad, some lace, feathers, paper flowers, paper leaves, little hair clips, and matching fabric.  I was going for a natural, mori-girl kind of style.  Here's what I ended up with:

I covered the shoulder pad with fabric and sewed in place, then glued on the feathers and paper stuff, and then sewed on the lace which I'd gathered into little rounds.

Then I used scissors to cut two tiny holes in the back of the shoulder pad, and inserted the little clips.  Complete!

It just clips on!  Shoulder pads are nicely curved and fit well on a head.

I got loads of compliments on it today.  People were astonished that I made this!  Dudes and ladies: it's not that hard!  It was fun because I was with a friend!
My friend chose a red colour scheme and she pleated her fabric and used black and red feathers as highlights.  Hers was much more of a classic look.  We had such a nice time last night making stuff together!


  1. It's really adorable (you are so cute too!) I've always wanted to make one!
    Thanks for the idea of using a shoulder pad- it's something I've never thought about.

  2. Thank you Cath! I like your blog! Yeah the shoulder pads really work well because they're curved perfectly!

  3. The feathers complements it nicely. You are pretty good at making craft artworks and I'm glad you could create the fascinator with a friend.


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