View from outside our window

This is the view from outside our front door in Piteå.  Snow everywhere!  Giant piles of snow!  It's quite pretty, but it's mostly overcast.  I'd been looking forward to seeing the Aurora, but now I don't think it'll happen.  I've been keeping a lookout!

I've been having a nice domestic sort of holiday.  Baking lots of biscuits and cooking lots of soups.  It's hard for us to get around since we don't have a car and there's not easy public transport.  We walk everywhere.  We go to uni daily where Charles works on stuff and I practice.  I have access to practice rooms and instruments!  So I'm working on repertoire for my Honours (I totally got accepted into Honours).  Sometimes we go to friends' houses for dinner which is lovely!

Last week we had a day that was -28 degrees.  That was a day we chose to walk into town!  Oh gosh we nearly died.  Even though we had all our warm clothes on, the air attacks your face and your breath freezes on your cheeks and in your nose.  My gloves are only knitted, so they were practically useless.  My boots, although warm, couldn't stand the cold and my feet turned into blocks of ice.  It was crazy cold!  It's usually only about -12 so it's quite okay.  I'm going to have way different definitions of cold from now on.

We've been taking photos with the Diana Mini and we're going to walk into town (45 minutes ugh) to get them developed tomorrow!  I hope!

I took a video of us walking into uni the other day.  It's not that interesting if you've lived with snow!  But for my Australian friends, it's kind of bizarre.


  1. Congratulations on getting into honours, that is really cool, but then again, you are an excellent musician and there was no way you wouldn't get into honours. Hmmm....cookies, I know it is biscuits in British English, but I like saying cookies (maybe because it is 'koekies' in Afrikaans).


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