Today I went for a walk on a river.

Today was lovely and sunny so we went for a walk along the river.  And when I say along the river, I really do mean along the river.

Big paths have been cleared on the river for people to skate and walk along.  Maybe cars sometimes drive on the river too.  There were also lots of snow-mobiles driving along the snow that hadn't been cleared away.  Charles took some of these photos too.

There are cracks in the ice, but they only make you realise how thick the ice is - some cracks you could see down a metre at least.  I think there must be no flowing water in all of Sweden.

We packed a picnic lunch not really knowing where we'd eat.  Obviously every picnic table ever is covered in a foot of snow and is inaccessible.  So Charles just sat down on the ice to eat delicious biscuits and drink delicious coffee!  He even stuck his thermos in the snow.  I thought he was super cute.

Later, he lost his beanie.  Aww.

There were lots of people walking their dogs on the river and I saw a Sheltie that had eyes just like Titan.  He came up to me and I patted him.  Then I turned away and cried!  It was weird!  But sort of lovely?

The river wound into town, so we had a chance to go to the big supermarket!  We bought SO MUCH food and then had to carry it 45 minutes home.  I made a delicious pie so everything is right with the world.

This is a crazy alien world!


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