Recent Adventures: London!

On the evening of the 30th of December, Charles, Lisa, and I took the Eurostar chunnel train to London.  Pretty cool!  We stayed at a youth hostel type place LITERALLY one street away from Buckingham Palace.

London was marred by a bad cold for me.  I bought lots of cold drugs (all super cheap and easy to obtain in London) and soldiered on as well as I could.  Like Paris, in London we went to a bunch of museums - Tate Modern Art Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  They were all really huge and we didn't see all of any of them!  I particularly liked the V&A Museum because they had lots of old textiles and lace, as well as theatre costumes.  It was really interesting!  I also liked the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.

While we were in London, Charles and I took a day trip to see my family-in-law who live in Greater London.  It was so good to finally meet them!  My parents haven't even met my sister-in-law's parents.

Shopping in London was fun!  We went to two markets: Portobello Road markets, and Camden Town markets.  We didn't buy anything at Portobello Road, but it was a great market and lots to look at.  All the houses were painted different pastel colours.  Cute!  Camden Town markets were amazing.  Lots and lots of stalls selling dresses that all looked like they were straight out of  I bought two dresses there!

Another great shopping area is Oxford street.  We went there on Jan. 3rd, which was the last day before Britain raised the VAT (some GST type tax), and there were New Year's Sales, and as a result the shops were SUPER crowded.  Lisa bought two jackets there.  I was pretty sick that day, but managed to enjoy myself by going to a Vivienne Westwood shop.  It was amazing!  All completely out of my price range.  The clothes were gorgeous creations and the shoes were bizarre and the bags were cute.  Great!  That day I also bought my Irregular Choice shoes.  Awesome.

Food was a bit of a problem since some days the supermarkets were inconveniently closed.  We sometimes struggled to find a good place to eat, and it was especially hard because I was sick - by dinner time I was so tired I just wanted to grab a salad and go home.  Couldn't always do that!  But the best place we found to eat was called Pret a Manger - amazing organic fresh food.  Delicious!

London is quite clean at the moment because they're hosting the Olympics in 2012.  I guess that means they want to tidy up the place for the visitors.  There were lots of policemen about too - making me think of the Bill theme song.  Their hats are tall!

The best thing about London was that I could talk to people in English.


  1. Wow, you've been a lot of places over Christmas! I'm glad you enjoyed London :) I love the bookshop at Tate Modern; I think I could spend as much time in there as in the actual gallery.

    Hope you are feeling better now, are cold and flu medicines difficult to get where you live?

    Those shoes are great by the way!

  2. Hey Ra, I did enjoy London a lot! I could see myself living there, but not in Paris. Cold and flu medicines are non-existent in Sweden. You can get panadol, but no decongestants - at least not without a prescription. Kinda strict!
    Thanks, I love looking at Irregular Choice's website but visiting an actual shop was just amazing! Maybe it's a good thing I don't live in London :-)


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