Purchases - Paris!

In Paris I bought a jumper, two dresses, a little pan and a lot of tights!
This jumper is from UniQlo!  I needed a jumper, and this one is super nice!  Cashmere!

This dress is ALSO from UniQlo.  It's a collaboration between them and the Japanese brand Milk, which I love.  It's a bit of a weird shaped dress, very Japanese.  No shape at all in the bodice, long sleeves, and short skirt.  Cute!

This dress I bought at a little shop as I was passing by.  It's blue lace over a blue slip.  The only problem is that the slip ends quite a bit higher than the lace!  So it's a bit revealing on the legs.  Might have to alter that.

This little pot I bought at Muji.  It's really small!  We bought it for warming Glogg (low alcohol Christmas wine served warm)

And lots of tights!  I love the lacy cream ones - they'll go well with all those dresses!


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