I bought a dress!

Victorian Maiden has a new series of dress released today - the British Check series.  There's a one piece, a jumperskirt, and a skirt.  I really like all the pieces!  They all come in red, grey, or yellow tartan. I bought the jumperskirt in grey!

The OP is very demure with a nice long skirt.  I'm not that fond of this colourway because it looks so much like Christmas.

I adored this dress as soon as I saw it months ago.  It seems like I'm fond of underbust jumperskirts!  This will be my second.

I really like the skirt, but it seems to me like the hemlines are creeping upwards ever so slowly!  It's still beautiful.

I bought the grey jumperskirt through Gosurori Order today.  They've been aware of my intentions to buy the dress for weeks now, because it was sold out in reserve when I first contacted them.  We've been working together checking the site for updates and finally the dress was released!  And we POUNCED.
I've ordered through Gosurori Order before - that's how I got my VM Adele Bustier dress.  It's a good fast service, and apparently they're good at avoiding customs fees (in Australia that's not a problem).

Because I've been so excited about this dress for so long, I've even started thinking up ways to wear it.  I went on Polyvore and had a play around with coordinates, using pictures of clothes I already have.  These are two I came up with:

VM Dress Co-Ord 2

(I don't actually have that jacket, but I'm sure I could find something similar)


VM dress Co-ord 1

(I have a similar jacket that would work well, but not quite the same.  Mine has little red spots!)

I'm sure I'll think of lots of other interesting ways to wear this dress.  It's being sent to my house in Australia, so it'll be there when I get home in 2 weeks exactly!  That's another thing to welcome me home.  I really don't want to go home!  My new life here is wonderful!


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