My Time At Arlanda

Written on Sunday:

Today is the day we were supposed to begin our ten-day adventure in Paris.  Right now we're sitting in a hotel in Stockholm.

The day began successfully, with our flight from Lulea to Stockholm going off without a hitch.  At Arlanda airport, we realised quite late that our SAS flight to Paris had been cancelled.  That was at about 2pm.  We were directed to stand in a line to re-book our flight and also to try re-booking over the phone and internet.  All day the phone and internet services were out, so we stood in the line for four hours.  It was just pretty boring.

Around 5pm, we were told that everyone going to London should just go away because they wouldn't be able to go tonight.  Later still, we were told that they wouldn't help people unless they were going home.  That means NOT US, but I guess our situation doesn't suck as much as some.  We rang up a hotel and were lucky enough to get a room at short notice, and we just took the train into the city and a taxi here.  The SAS phone lines open tomorrow morning at 7 so we'll try calling then.  We're keeping in good spirits but it's a bit annoying.  We'll be okay.

I've been waking up super early every day due to jet lag.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be okay finally!


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