I'm in Sweden!

On Tuesday morning, I left on my epic journey to Sweden to have my holiday with Charles!  I travelled for 34 hours in total!  It was crazy!  I was all worried about my flights and all of my worst fears came true.  It was the most horrible experience ever!  I felt like total crap for days!  However, I did manage to meet some wonderful people on several planes who were kind to me when I was sick.  So that's one positive.

Wednesday morning, I arrived at Lulea airport to find Charles waiting for me.  It was the best thing ever to see him!  I was kind of jet lagged but we had to go and do stuff together!

He had a rehearsal for the School's Christmas Concert, which I sat through with him.  The two other percussionists here are good friends with Charles and have been hearing about me nonstop for months, so they were happy to meet me finally!  After the rehearsal, Charles and I walked into town and had a hamburger for his lunch and my dinner.  We went back home to his apartment and I fell asleep instantly!  My body clock was all wrong!

Thursday, there were two performances of the Christmas concert, one at 2 and one at 7.  I attended both!  It was a great concert.  After the second concert I was falling asleep in my chair so I had to be taken home.

Today, we went into uni to play some pieces for a composer friend, and then a group of us walked into town.  I was intending to get Charles some curtains and myself a jumper.  Double fail!  I got a pretty top though.  Now we're home, having baked a cake and dinner and now we're watching episodes of Xena!  It's way late and I'm still awake, so I feel I'm doing pretty well.  Tomorrow there's big plans for group hangouts with all of Charles' friends yay!

Weather: when I arrived, the weather was clear but super cold, like -16.  The past two days have been really snowy and windy but relatively warm (only -4).  It's kind of fun!  A little annoying to get snow in my face but not too bad.  I enjoy the novelty of this weather.

Okay back to Xena!  Photos when I take some!


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