So I have lots of blog posts with pictures planned, but they're going to have to wait until after my exams!  I have one on Thursday and one on Saturday.  Exams on Saturdays are weird!

I've booked my flights to Stockholm for the holidays!  I'm leaving mid-December and coming home mid-February.  I'll spend a few days in Sweden with Charles and then we'll go to Paris for Christmas!  I'll get to visit BTSSB and AP in Paris!  I might buy myself a Christmas present there :-)

Then we plan to go to London for New Year's and some tourism.  Then we'll head back to Sweden and hang out.  I'll get to practice at the School of Music with Charles - we might do some duets, or some ensemble pieces with the guys there. I'm excited about finally playing some percussion again after all this psychology study!  But mostly I'm looking forward to seeing Charles again - it's been over a month since we were together in Perth - so I'm halfway through our separation.  It's going to be the BEST.  We are doing really well, but lots of stuff is different.  I realise that I haven't been single since I was 16 and I don't know how to go out to parties alone, especially at clubs... it's just weird.  Lots to learn!

Does anyone know what to wear in really cold weather?  I'm talking REALLY cold weather: a maximum of -5 degrees in the day.  I don't want to have to wear ski pants.

Plus today I saw a full rainbow!  It was awesome.  The pot of gold was obviously in the lady over the road's backyard.  I think she's a leprechaun. 


  1. I've never been out of the single box and I feel the same way or might be that I'm not just socially inclined. :shrugs: I guess we all still have a lot to learn.

    It seems you have an interesting trip planned and
    I'm looking to your other posts. :)

  2. When we went to New York it was -10 and I wore a skiing jacket the whole time. It was the only thing I could find that would be warm enough as it rarely gets that cold here!

    Christmas in Paris sounds magical. Plus, macarons! nom nom nom
    Let me know if you want any pointers on using the London Underground :)

  3. Yeah actually I think it's going to be colder than I originally thought... already it's -16 during the day where Charles is. He's organising for me to borrow a hardcore coat to go over my Australia-hardcore coat. We just don't understand cold weather here!

    Thanks Ra! I really have no idea about London, I don't even know where to go! Any advice?

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