Review! Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom stuff

So recently I've been going through a "using stuff up" phase.  I have so much stuff to get rid of!

Last Christmas (perhaps the Christmas before?) I was given a Body Shop gift pack - Japanese Cherry Blossom themed.  It contained a shower sponge thing, some "body puree", body butter, and shower gel.

Firstly, the shower gel.  This was great!  Smells nice, lathers well, and washes me!  All good traits for a shower gel.
Now the Body Butter.  I don't really get body butter.  It's really thick greasy moisturiser.  It really doesn't absorb into the skin well, and you feel like you've just wiped your legs with grease.  It stays slippery for hours.  It really clogs the pores.  But, this really does smell good, and feels nice to put on.  I did kind of like this, since it is a really intense moisturiser!  I would recommend this if you have super dry skin for whatever reason.  If your skin isn't super dry, don't use much, or use some regular moisturiser.  It is luxuriously rich stuff!

This one is the "Body Puree", which I assume is made up of puree'd human bodies.  It's a moisturiser, I think.  This was very non-greasy, in fact, it was quite the opposite.  It absorbs into the skin pretty well, either leaving the skin as dry as before, or sticky.  I do not recommend putting this on before bed or you'll be most uncomfortable until you have to get up and wash it off.  It generally stops being sticky after a few hours.  It rubs on easily enough, but seems to be a bit thin in texture and not at all creamy.  It is literally like puree'd fruit.  Do not like!

The sponge was nice!

I can see on the website they're all really expensive too... so whoever gave me that gift must have paid a lot.  But I really liked the shower gel and the sponge, and the body butter was good.  

So I'd give this 3 stars.  Out of one hundred.   But tell the Body Shop it's out of 5.


  1. Sakura!!! Hm I thought about buying me some body butter but when I read your information ... I better not :D

  2. No it's not that bad! It smells amazing and is a really good moisturiser. My problem was that it's TOO good - made me slippery. You might have a completely different experience!

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