Photoshoot photos!

So the photos from our photoshoot were uploaded to facebook the other day!  I look so different!  There were two other models, but I wasn't sure if they wanted to be shown on my blog.  They looked so beautiful!  Tahnee and friends did so well on these clothes!

This one is interesting because my eyes aren't blue.

Skirt was fun to swish.

This is the other dress I wore - as seen in the previous post.  The sides were bright red!  Gosh it was short.



  1. Oh wow these look amazing. You look so so nice in that dress! The color just jumps out so perfectly!

  2. You look stunning. I like the first outfit best, but I'm bias towards the swishy skirts :)

  3. I was lucky to be able to wear such a cool outfit. My friend has good taste! We did a fashion parade the other day and some of the other outfits were... atrocious!


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