Knitting is the New Thing

So as you all know, I'm going to Sweden in less than a month! (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)

As you may not know, Sweden has OPPOSITE weather conditions to Australia.  When it's hot and bright here, it's cold and dark there.  So I'll be going from mid-Summer right into mid-Winter!  I am okay with this because I really dislike hot weather!  I don't love freezing my toes off but I do love being able to sleep at night.

SO I've been knitting myself a pair of long johns, following this free internet pattern from Drops Design.  It's the only pattern for tights I could find anywhere on the internet.  My yarn is a wool/acrylic/alpaca blend which feels quite soft to touch on my hands, but it's a different story on my legs.

Anyway here's progress pics:

So I started knitting from the waistband down.  I had to alter the pattern a bit because I'm a tiny person.  When this photo was taken I was just about to start the legs.  Looks a bit like high-waisted wooly underpants.

It's knitted on a circular needle, which is really awesome and easy to use.  It's just a spiral!  Here you can see how it's a tube.  Soon I'll upload more progress pictures!  I've knitted a bit of legs since these photos.

Since it's a bit itchy on my legs (like it makes me want to pull my skin off), I'm going to have to wear another pair of tights underneath these.  So it'll be tights, leggings, jeans.  I do quite like the colours so I might also wear them under a skirt with boots.

Where I'm going, I'm pretty sure the temperature is not going to go above -5 at any point, so maybe tights underneath my leggings would be necessary even if they didn't make my legs feel like there's ants in my pants.


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