Fashion Parade Photos!

So to wrap up the whole fashion thing for my fashion design student friend, we had a fashion parade!

It was held at New Acton, and the whole class of designers had models who participated!  I have some photos my dad took of our group of models.

Here we are on the steps before we started walking.

Here's me posing!  We all went out sort of at the same time, so you can see some of the other models too.

Walking back!

Photos on the steps afterwards.  You can see that dress on the right that I wore briefly at the photoshoot!
The three girls in the middle of the back step are the designers for our group.  They designed and made all 7 outfits!
Those outfits on the top steps are partly made of paper!  The ruffles are pages from a story book!  Cool!

I think Dad likes me best... he took lots of photos of me.

I've gotta say, I really liked the outfits our group wore.  They were really nice.  Some of the other groups were good, too, but were all "modern" and looked kind of like bats - all dark and drapey and scary, with big black eye makeup.  Maybe I'm biased?  Anyhow it was good fun.  I'd love to do this kind of thing again!


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