The Savvy Salesperson

She got me! Today I spent $150 on beauty products that I didn't intend to buy.

I was walking in the shopping centre to get some groceries, when this girl stopped me. I'm polite, so I stopped to hear her out for a little while. She sat me down at a beautifying station.

"What is your name?"
"Ah! Christina! It's a princess name! Princess Christina! And how old are you?"
"23!! You look 17! You are amazing looking! You are a beautiful woman! But you look like you have dry, sensitive skin, especially under your eyes. You have darkness under your eyes."

What can I say? I do have sensitive skin, and I do have dark circles under my eyes. "Yes." I agreed. She told me the stuff they were selling has minerals from the Dead Sea, which apparently makes you beautiful.

She rubbed some exfoliating stuff on the back of one of my hands, and then some moisturiser, and it came up looking amazing. "See, compare your hands. Which one would you like your face to look like, Princess?" Obviously the shiny, glowing, smooth one. So, how much is it?

Only $140 each. What? I tried to excuse myself... "That's too expensive, I'm just a student!" But she had another discount up her sleeve! For students they throw in an extra eye cream that will make my dark circles disappear!

"But that's still really expensive." I had her there. She told me she'd do a secret thing, that I must not tell anyone, because she likes me and wants me to be beautiful. She made the eye cream and exfoliating thing $75 each. That's like half price! And she made me promise that in two weeks I'd come and show her the improvement in my eyes. She kept saying "Look into my eyes, Princess Christina" before telling me some home truth. So I bought them. $150.

She saw me coming and thought, there is a girl who has bags under her eyes. She must be sensitive about her eyes. I will target that sensitivity and get her to buy the eye cream.

And now that I think about it... the bags under HER eyes were much worse than mine. Why is she telling me about that when she hasn't fixed her own? Maybe the stuff doesn't work? I don't know. Even if this stuff is miraculous, I feel really dumb. They preyed on my insecurities and made me feel obliged to buy it.

Moral of the story: Just keep walking, even if they call you a beautiful princess. Find out about beauty products for yourself, instead of being hoodwinked. I learnt this the hard way!


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