Sad goodbyes are sad

I've been to Perth with Charles for about a week. Now I'm home, and he's still there. On Monday week he'll be moving to Sweden directly from Perth. We had such a good time together! Now I'm really sad. I want to hide in my room and not talk to anyone ever again. We haven't been separated like this in all our 7 years together.
We won't break up - I'm not scared of breaking up. I just will miss him craploads. It's going to be a sad time. I have to try to keep doing interesting things without him.
Plan: Visit in December. After that... we'll see how things pan out.

In other news, The Last Man To Die is going really well in Perth! They (we?) got a great review in the Western Australian - link to the reporter's blog here.
Perth was super fun! I'd be happy to go to Perth more often (i.e. ever again). It's not too big, but it has nice trains, friendly people and a thriving arts scene. And it has Charles, for now.

In radder news, The Aquabats are coming to Australia! I want to go! With Reel Big Fish, I'm not sure which one is headlining. This might be almost as cool as when I saw Weird Al! Nah... impossible.


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