Bodyline Bolero Modification!

So a few weeks ago I took my old Bodyline bolero and altered it.  I bought the blouse on my first trip to Japan.  It was in my first lot of Lolita purchases!  I bought a whole outfit that day - skirt, blouse and bolero.  I've already altered the blouse, which is now much more wearable!  I wanted to alter the bolero because I actually haven't worn it ever.  According to my mum, it looks like a bedjacket!

Here's the stock photo from the website.  She looks so cute in it!

This is a slightly embarrassing photo of me in my purchases the day I bought them.  In our hotel in Japan.  Drinking tea and reading GLB!  So not cute.

So as you can see, it's really frilly!  It has faux detachable sleeves, a bow at the front, bows on the sleeves, and lace down the front.  So frilly!

I took the faux sleeves off so now the sleeves are little cap sleeves.  I also removed the bow from the sleeves, and the lace from down the front.  After:

Now I have these bits left over.  What should I make with them?  I think I'll make little hairclips from the bows but the rest... any suggestions?


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