What I Like vs. What I Wear

I admit that I get obsessed with clothes sometimes. When there is a super wonderful item of clothing on the wubs that is in my power to buy, I go a bit crazy. I ask everyone I know, Will this look good on me? What do you think of this? I even ask the Internets.

If I do cave in and buy the item, it's true love for a few days, but after that... sometimes that wonderful dress/blouse/skirt doesn't look all that great on me.

Remember when I went to the Victorian Maiden Press Room? It was so much fun. I bought a lovely blouse and a lovely skirt:

Lovely right? And they go together well. I tried them on at the shop, and I wore them out on the town. I felt frigging beautiful. But then I got back home, into the sweltering heat, and I couldn't wear them any more. Too hot. When Autumn came around, I had trouble coordinating them. It looked too dark. Now I sometimes wear the skirt with a different top, but rarely wear my blouse. Which is a shame because I love it so much. The fabri c is so nice, it fits so well, but it just looks overdone. I need a cream coloured blazer to go with it, I think. I've been looking! I want this one from Mary Magdalene, but it's super out of stock.

This is an R-Series blouse that I bought from Qutieland a couple of years ago. Quite nice, right? I thought so too, for a few months. The fabric is an interesting texture which I like, ribbon and lace collar is cute, the buttons are nice, and it's a good fit. However! It's really short! Observe how the shirt curves up over the hips of the mannequin. This means that you can only really wear this with a high-waisted skirt. I like wearing jeans sometimes, and this looks really good with jeans, except you have to wear another top to cover the gap between top of jeans and bottom of blouse. The other problem is that it looks kind of schoolgirl-ish. I'm 23, and I don't want to look like a schoolgirl. Changing the ribbon might help.

We all know about this blouse - pretending to be off white in this photo! It's a Mary Magdalene replica. It's really good quality, and not short on me. But! IT'S TOO FRILLY FOR ME. I can't handle it. The cuffs are SO frilly - they really puff out and make it hard to wear a cardigan. And maybe because I'm quite fair - it's hard for me to pull off having a white high neck blouse.

Next there are two items I bought from FanPlusFriend. On the mannequins, they look so lovely! I think I was going through a pirate kick when I bought these.
This blouse is made of satiny clingy fabric that would probably melt if I ironed it, and the creases won't fall out. It has corset lacing so it does fit well, but the arms are really long. And who wears a jabot?

This skirt was one of my obsessions for a while. I was amazed at the drop pleats! They are pretty cool. But when it arrived, I noticed that it was GIANT. It is TOO LONG for me. I can't walk in it without tripping. It's just very voluminous. But pretty rad still. The fabric is super soft and lovely. I plan on selling my two F+F items soon, if at all possible.

Time for some success stories! Yes, I have some! I'm just going to share my three favourite pieces.
Firstly, my gorgeous Adele Bustier Dress. I think I can safely say that this is my favourite dress ever. It is so choice. I highly recommend picking one up.
It cost me a LOT to get this. I used a shipping service, Gosurori Order, who bought the dress for me in Japan and mailed it out. That cost me a fee, and the AUD wasn't so good at the time either. It was super expensive. But since I adore this dress so much, it was totally worth it. I wear it all the time, usually with the next piece I'll show you.

This is another R-Series blouse I bought from Qutieland. This blouse is practically perfect in every way, plus it was a lot cheaper than brand. The fabric is a light polyester (I guess) that feels gorgeous against my skin. The blouse has corset lacing so I always fit well. I adore the buttons - little faux pearls - and the details. I'm considering buying myself another one while they are still for sale. Mine has been loved almost to death! The buttonholes are fraying and the pearl paint is coming off the buttons. It's getting a little pilly. But it's still so beautiful. I wear this with the above dress and it's lovely.

Lastly, my most recent purchase. I got this high-waisted skirt off the sales comm about a month ago. It's VM, it was cheap, I thought why not. It had a little damage. Since it arrived, I've probably worn it more than ten times. It is nice enough that I can wear it to somewhere posh, but I can also dress it down to wear to uni. It's A-line, which makes it easier to wear casually. Not a great photo I know, but this is a super lovely skirt! Top marks! I do plan to take photos of myself wearing all this stuff, but who knows when that will happen.


Well that's the end of my rant, for today. I omitted some of my other clothes, because they're Summer clothes and I haven't worn them in ages! Who knows whether I still like them or not?
Is there a lesson to be learned from this? I think the lessons are: Don't Buy Dumb Colours, You Look Silly In White Blouses, Don't Buy Something You Have Nothing To Wear With, Don't Buy Extreme Things, and It Helps To Try It On.

I'd welcome advice about what to wear with my neglected clothes. I'd love to wear my old VM skirt and blouse more often...


  1. It is sometimes difficult to match clothes and sometimes things look wonderful one day, and feels different the other day, but I'm glad you had some success stories as well.

  2. I know how you feel. There are a lot of dresses which I love but I know they will never suit me! My style just isn't that frilly.

  3. Who wears a jabot, you ask?

    I do! lol


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