Recycling designs

So it looks like Victorian Maiden is going to recycle their designs once again. I had a look on their Press Room Blog and found this lovely dress, which I think is similar to their very old designs:

As well as a corset. I haven't seen a Victorian Maiden corset for years! So I thought I'd do a post about some of their recycled designs. I found all of these pictures on the Victorian Maiden Press Room blog, and their online shop. The blog is amazing, it goes back years and has some really cute pictures!

Here's a cute thing. Coming soon in 2009: Regimental Stripe series!

And this is from the Press Room blog this month! Coming again, with an identical bag and fabric but new dress and hat:

This is an old dress I found on the blog, from 2007.

This dress is currently for sale on the Victorian Maiden website. The design is almost the same, but the fabric is different.

This dress is from 2007, from Beth. Beth was a sub-brand of Victorian Maiden, which does not exist any more. I think that Beth had sweeter designs while VM stocked more adult, dark clothes. This is just speculation. Now VM has both!

Last year, VM was selling this new version on their website, in new colours.

Here's another one from Beth in 2007: a sailor-type underbust dress.

Here's the new version which just came into stock. It's not quite the same, but the buttons and underbust elements are still there. I prefer the old Beth one because the buttons don't go all the way down the front, BUT I prefer the new A-line cut. Both cute!

Another Beth dress - in a cute grey check fabric. Super puffy sleeves!

And here's the 2009/10 Dorothy Doll Dress. I tried this on in Japan in pink, but didn't have enough money to buy it! The sleeves are less puffy, and it's in solid colours.

There are many more examples!

Some people might think that recycling designs means that the designers have no new ideas. I think that it's more because they want to sell more of their classic designs which were very popular previously. I think it's a good idea because it gives people a second chance to get a dress if they missed out the first time, or get a new one if they loved the first one to bits. It also gives me hope that they'll have a dress again. I really loved the Dorothy Doll Dress and the Diana Dress, and they're gone now. But knowing that they repeat their designs, maybe they'll be back, better than ever! What do you think of design repeating? Do other brands do it too? VM is the only brand I follow obsessively, so I have no idea!


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