Plans for the FUTURE

So I seem to be at some kind of crossroads. I need to start thinking about my plans for next year!

Charles is moving to Sweden in a little over a month. This sucks for serious! But I have to remain positive or else he'll get upset. Nobody likes a weepy Chrissy!
I want to visit him there in my summer holidays, which means the dead of winter there. This could be problematic! He won't be in Sunnytime Stockholm-ville, but in Arctic Circle Land Freezyhole. Do people really live there in winter? I'll find out! I'm also going to visit my friend in Paris!
Anyhow, since he's moving away, he's leaving behind some percussion students I can perhaps teach. That would be a good bit of income - but - I think I have to promise to be around for at least a year before they hire me. It's fair enough - you don't want to go through too many teachers, it's not fair on the students. I taught them for a few weeks while Charles was in America, and it seemed like a nice kind of job.

But then there's the question of next year. If I want this job I have to stick around, which I'm quite happy to do. My options are:
1. Go to where Charles is.
2. Get a ... job???
3. Clothing Construction course (CIT, Canberra).
4. Master of Music Therapy (Melbourne or Sydney)
5. Honours in Music (ANU)

Obviously my parents are not keen on my going to where Charles is. That is just not SEEMLY. Also it would be better for me to advance my own education or career instead of waiting around for him, in a place where I *can't* do anything productive. So as much as I'm probably going to miss him, that's not an option right now.

A job ... what IS a job. I have a job! At the library! And I'd get a job teaching! But what this means is.... going into the Public Service. What. My parents suggested this one. The only good thing is that I'd get lots of money, but I'd also probably lose interest in all the rad things I'm interested in. I'd earn enough money for a marimba... but I'd probably just do something boring with my money instead. And I'd be too busy to play.

Clothing Construction would be so cool. I would love to do this. Apparently it's a great course.

I haven't done much research on the Music Therapy programs. They could possibly be lame. I'll look into it. If I did this, I wouldn't be able to take on teaching or continue working at the library, and I'd have to move cities. Away from my family and friends and percussion at a time when I will possibly need them badly.

I think Honours in Music is the go. I just need to convince my parents it's a good idea. I played in a concert this afternoon with the percussion department and my Dad came... and Gary (my teacher) announced me as "Christina, who graduated last year and is hopefully doing honours next year!". I nearly died. Dad was all "What's all this nonsense about Honours, Christina???". Oh Gary. THANKS.

TL;DR - Options! I has them.


  1. Yes, you do have some difficult decisions ahead of you, but I guess things happen the way they should happen (at least I hope so or we are waiting for pandora's box to be opened).

    I'm glad that the students finally turned up and that you are enjoying the teaching. It is cool that you are going to Paris as well.

    I think the ideal option is if you could combine your love for music with something that offers a steady pay check and that you enjoy. I'm not much help, I'm afraid.

    I guess what you should ask yourself what will honours offer you in the long term. I'm sure it will be interesting to study, but do you want to go down the same route as Charles (which is awesome) or do you want to do something else (which is just as awesome). Where does your interest lie? You should do something that you enjoy, because we spent our whole life working. You shouldn't reach your twilight years and be filled with regret *uggh...obvious Inception reference...*

    As for the winter in Sweden, that I can't help you with, except recommending very thick jackets. :)

  2. Heinrich what happened to your blog? you obviously like writing, so write on it!

    re: teaching. i only taught for 2 weeks, and most of the students did not show up. they still have to pay though, because they didn't let me know they were going to be absent. it's not nice because the students don't show up, it's nice that i get to be in an environment where i can practice all day for money.

    honours will make me a better musician. that's worth it! charles never did honours in music, or a bachelor of music, he did honours in maths and then a master of music. there's no way i can go down the same route as him, because i don't know anything about computers!

  3. I do like writing, but haven't been playing games (a 2 week drought) and need to feel feel inspired or I need to have a mental picture in my mind able to write properly (my mind has been a bit preoccupied by designs for CIT and work).

    Those little is nice to be in an environment conductive for practicing. :nod:

    Yes, I believe you and I know it will be worth it in a musical sense. What career path would you like in music...that was mostly my question. I'm glad you studied something that you love...I did the same thing, although it didn't work out in the way I imagined in the beginning, but it worked out in a different way that I still enjoy. Therefore I'm sure whatever you decide, it will work out for you and you'll have an amazing time doing it (yup, I used 'sure').

    Bloody hell, he went straight for a Master in Music, after completing his honours!? The path I mentioned was referring to a performance artist career, I know that although you both play percussion, you have different styles (and I love both styles). Aiiii, I'm writing too much again...

  4. I can't believe you said "buggers" and "bloody hell"! I've never heard you say those in person.
    I think you should write about your CIT stuff on your blog. Blogs are for writing! I often feel like I don't want to post anything because I haven't made anything, or I don't have photos of stuff. But it feels good to write.

  5. I've used them before. I don't use buggers a lot, though (it only works for a certain context). That is good idea - I'll think what I can write about and it give it a try. :)

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