Help! Which colour?

So I'm thinking of buying this dress by Surface Spell (through Qutieland). It's a replica of Victorian Maiden's Fairy Chiffon Doll Dress, which I adore (if you look at both links you'll see every colour except the red). Victorian Maiden doesn't sell that dress any more, and the Surface Spell one costs about one third of the price. I'd love to buy it, but my problem is this:

What colour do I get???

It comes in white, offwhite, red, dark red, black, and pink. Out of those, I only like offwhite, dark red, and black. So out of those three colours, which one do I choose?

Should I buy one, see how I like it, and then buy the other two? That's a bit wasteful, and weird.

Offwhite could look a bit like a wedding dress, but it also is easy to coordinate. White goes with pretty much everything. But I am kind of pale, and it could wash me out.

Dark red is one of my favourite colours to wear. My favourite coat is dark red, my favourite hat is dark red. I wear red cardigans all the time. But a whole dress made of red... would that be a bit much?

Black would be gorgeous, but I don't know if I can pull it off. I have some black performance clothes and it looks weird if I wear them while I'm not performing. However, it would be fairly easy to coordinate... maybe.

I'm in a PICKLE.


  1. I think the dark red. I've seen things like this in all dark red and it actually looks really good. However you're also perfectly right about white being easy to match things's a pickle indeed. I think you'd lose the detail of the dress with all black. I'd go with the dark red. Worst case scenario? You have an awesome dark red dress - really quite a rare thing. Best case? It looks amazing and you wear it everyday. I see it only ending well. Hope that helps.

  2. Pete: THAT IS THE BEST COMMENT EVER. THANK YOU. You think, so I don't have to. Plus I laughed.

  3. That dress is so so so beautiful! I think a white would look lovely, especially with your red coat and other red pieces. If you are pale, a color such as black might enhance the paleness of your skin due to the contrast. I feel like with the white, it will make your skin look more radiant, not washed out!

  4. Lizard, that is also an excellent point! Now I'm in even MORE of a pickle!

  5. I like the dress, it looks so light and fluffy. I think both white and dark red sounds like amazing choices, although I think you should choose the one that screams out Chrissy and that you feel suits your personality the best. It is like my Princess Mononoke and Avatar Posters - my room feels more like my own just because they are there.


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