On the weekend, Charles and I flew to Brisbane to go to the Australian Percussion Gathering at the Queensland Conservatorium! We had a great time!
We arrived on Friday afternoon and went straight to a lecture by Sylvio Gualda. Famous guy! He was talking about Iannis Xenakis, who was apparently his personal friend.
We went to about 5 concerts in three days! My favourite performer was Kuniko Kato, who is rad and nice.
On Friday after all the concerts, Charles and myself and most of the Canberra percussion people went out to a tapas restaurant for dessert and drinks. It was super fun! There's a picture of us there on Charles' Blog. After that, Charles and I took a taxi to his grandmother's house, where we stayed for the two nights. She was super lovely to accomodate us!
Saturday was a bit more relaxed! We stayed at home for the morning and had morning tea in the backyard with Charles' grandmother and auntie. Then his auntie took us in to the city and we had a lovely walk along the river! It's so nice!
Saturday night was not so awesome. There was a great concert which was rad, but we had not eaten dinner, and it finished at 10pm. LAME. We were super hungry, and our teacher had promised to take us all out for dinner. He took us to the first place he saw, which was this really really noisy gross nightclub. What. We didn't even order anything, our menus were taken away. Charles and I went down the road to a cafe and had a lovely QUIET dinner together. We went back to the nightclub to try to be sociable, but it was srsly gross.
On Sunday we did the best thing ever - went to see the Valentino Retrospective at the Brisbane Gallery! There were 2 big halls full of beautiful Valentino dresses. I loved it so much!!
Then there was a big gong concert outside near the con. It was ok, a little bit arty and lame. We had to go to the airport halfway through. And then we flew home!
What a nice weekend! I'd like to go to Brisbane more often.


  1. It is good to hear that you and Charles had a brilliant time in Brisbane. The nightclub definitely sounds gross. Did everyone dance in robo-motion?


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