New (ish) dress

This is my absolute favourite dress. Victorian Maiden's Adele Bustier Dress, from 2009. I tried this on while I was in Japan, but didn't buy it. I bought it recently through a shopping service, GosuRori Order. They were really good, and it came extremely quickly - but - gosh it was expensive.

Worth it. This dress makes me feel like a princess. No matter what kind of posh place I visit, I'll always look good enough in Victorian Maiden. I'd visit the Queen in this dress.

This photo was taken the day before a bit percussion concert last term. This was the dress rehearsal. And that's Charles.


  1. I'm glad you could buy the dress later on. It's quite pretty - we should make an arrangement with the Queen, then. That's a rad photo of you and Charles. :D

  2. You the most beautiful girl ever.



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