I got a new lappy! Isn't it cute! It's a new Apple MacBook. Super great compared to my old iBook G4. I bought it because it's new and fast and shiny, but also because it has an inbuilt camera. I will need that so that I can do video chats with Charles when he moves overseas in TWO FRIGGING MONTHS. He's also visiting America for 2 and a half weeks starting this Saturday, so it will be good for then too.

He bought me a laptop sleeve to go with it - it's bright pink! Cuz I'm a GIRL!

Next I'm going to buy a cool laptop skin. I really want this beautiful Snow White one. I used to really like Snow White as a kid and I think it's clever usage of the apple logo.

I looked for the Snow White skin on Etsy and found lots of different sellers selling the same thing, with even the same photo! How do I know if they're legit? I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to sell something on Etsy unless it's vintage or handmade. They could all be handmade, but not all by the same person! Something weird is going on. We'll see what happens when I buy it.

But I might have to wait until I get my tax return back. I just bought a laptop, you see, and I'm kind of feeling the pinch.


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