Complaints Choir!

So today I remembered a cool thing that I saw in Japan!

We went to an exhibition in the Mori Building in Roppongi (am i right charles? i forget), and there was a cool video of choirs from all over the world complaining about stuff. My favourite was the Birmingham Complaints choir. So good! Go to the website and click the video link next to each choir. Here's the direct link to the video for the Birmingham Choir.

I want my money back
My job's like a cul-de-sac
And the bus is too infrequent at 6:30
Why don't they pay me more?
Life was good before
And I'm thirsty!

I recall that the Sweden one was cool too. I forget the others! Probably rad.

The situation was this: we'd just come through a grisly exhibition about I dunno, death or something, and there was this theatrette with music coming out. After being weirded out, grossed out, and in the middle of having some kind of existential crisis about the previous subject matter, I cracked up and couldn't stop watching for like an hour. It was amazing. Then it was sunset and we looked at Tokyo from a million feet in the air.

In other news, I recently had a themed birthday party. The theme - Labyrinth! I dressed as Sarah in the ballroom scene (obviously). It's only 5 minutes of the film, but it has the coolest costumes! I'm going to share pictures of that costume in my next blag. It was all handmade.


  1. The beginning of the song sounds so sad, but it is pretty funny. Although, they complain about things they can't really change...Yay for rants!

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