Charles is off to America!

I just saw Charles for the last time for about 3 weeks. He's leaving for San Fransisco tomorrow morning! He is going to a workshop in Stanford University, where he's performing a piece he wrote with our friend called Strike On Stage - check it out here. Then he's flying to Montral, Canada, to visit McGill University. He has some meetings with some dudes there. Then he'll visit his cousin in New York… and come home to me! I'm really proud of him. He's doing a big scary thing. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the great stuff he'll be doing. So I need to send him on a shopping trip in San Fransisco or Montreal - he won't be in New York long enough to do any real shopping. Any suggestions for awesome San Fran shops? I'd just better make sure he knows my shoe size :-)


  1. Charles is a busy man. I hope he enjoys San Francisco and New York - they seem like such amazing cities.


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