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At the end of June I sold some jewellery in my church Arts and Crafts show. I made a bunch of money, which was nice, and here's some photos of my displays. Not super professional, but whatever. I was under SO much pressure that week, it was RIDICULOUS. Exams, arts and crafts, birthday, music stuff, church strife, guests… it was crazy times. So I'm amazed I got anything in the show at all!

I used some empty picture frames to display my stuff, with fabric-covered cardboard to stick the pins in. It worked pretty well!

As well as selling earrings, necklaces and brooches, I made and sold hair bows. I made quite a few sets. They're actually really difficult to make, plus I kept getting fond of them. I made about 7 sets, but ended up keeping 3. They work well on bags and cardigans as well as on hair! I'm really getting into these kinds of accessories.


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