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So I hear that somewhere in the world it's something called "summer". Meanwhile, in my part of the world, we're totally not in that season. Some people have all the luck!

Srsly though I love winter. My birthday is coming up soon! I have a theory that people's favourite season is always the season their birthday is in. Mine is winter, Dad's is summer, Mum's is spring. It works for a bunch of my other friends as well.

Recently I've been doing a lot of uni assignments and exams. I had a neuroscience talk on "Time in the brain" recently. My part was on the suprachiasmatic nucleus - the part that controls circadian rhythms. I had to talk for half an hour! Zounds! The exam for that subject is next Tuesday, which should be a hoot.

I've also been playing Nagoya Marimbas with my friend Yvonne. We're playing it in her recital next Friday. It's going so well! Such a cool piece. Friday is also the day of my Written Japanese exam. Woo! 120 kanji! Saturday is my spoken Japanese exam - who has exams on Saturdays? Those Japanese.

Then it's my favourite time of year - Arts and Crafts show! I've been working on my jewellery a lot. It's going to be very different from last year, and I'll be selling my old pendants for about half price. I don't want them anymore.

Oh and Charles is maybe moving to Sweden. Frig! Could that be any further away? Way to make my life spectacularly difficult.

Holidays soon!


  1. He can't move to Sweden! I'll live closer to him than you!

    Good luck with your exams :)

  2. Yeah, the Northern hemisphere is sweating and our toes are freezing.

    That is also another mine's theory and her name is Christina too. I was born in winter, but like Autumn the best. It's fun to wear warm clothes, though. Friday morning was certainly the coldest it has been the whole year...did you see that the mist covered Parliament House completely?

    Time in the brain...I hope it was interesting, because it sounds that way. It is strange that such a small part of our brain can control our sense of time in relation to the 24 hour clock.

    Good luck with Tuesday's exam. The holidays are here soon. :D I hope your Japanese exams went well, mine went okay, although I was quite nervous for the first one. What did they expect from you?

    Arts and Crafts should be exciting. Yay! Pendants!


  3. Ra: I know right? What is going on there. I'm sad he's leaving but then maybe I'll be able to visit Europe. I am totally pumped for Eurovision in Germany next year.

    Heinrich: Way to write a thesis on my blog post! You're just going to see me tomorrow. In reply: Cold! Time is difficult! My Japanese exams are next week! Well done on yours! Yay pendants! And yes! Sweden!!

  4. It fun to write long-winded messages, no, not really - I guess that is just the way I write. I was talking to other Christina (who is in the northern hemisphere) about seasons and stuff, so I got confused - I was born in the summer (I just wanted to correct my mistake).

    Good luck with the upcoming exams then.


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