Qutieland/KidsYoYo/Dear Celine REVIEW!!

KidsYoYo Mary Style Elegant High Collar Blouse and Dear Celine Rhyme of Winter Flocking jumperskirt

On 9th of March, I ordered and paid for these two items off Qutieland's new website. The new ordering process was straightforward and simple. I had to give a lot more measurements than usual, which was kind of time-consuming, but I guess that's what they need to make a well-fitting garment.

After I finished on the website, I got an email from Billy asking for MORE measurements, including an arm measurement. I got an email back saying that my arm measurement is well below the minimum the store makes, and that I must have done it wrong. I'm really grateful that he didn't just push my stupid measurement through, or I would have ended up with a weird looking blouse. I think that both Qutieland and KidsYoYo must double-check measurements and things to ensure a quality garment. I feel very lucky to have such good customer service for such a low price!

The Qutieland website has a "track your order" function, which I found really fun (and addictive... I was checking daily) and informative. On that page I could see everything about my order, even that they had to ask for that extra arm measurement!

Communication and customer serivice: 5/5.

The estimated making time was listed as 25 days, excluding weekends. That's 5 weeks. I got my shipping number on 29 April. It ended up taking 7 weeks and 6 days to arrive, including shipping time. I know that the Dear Celine dress was ready first, so we had to wait on KidsYoYo for a while. These shops must be busy! I know that KidsYoYo have been busy because they're apparently moving their factory (!) and they have that big Marionet Girl series they're doing right now. The shipping was EMS, which has always been reliable in my experience. The package was soft, with two separate plastic bags inside. The blouse was in two plastic bags (?) so I guess it was EXTRA protected.

Time taken: 3/5

Shipping: 5/5.

On to pictures and reviews of the garments!

KidsYoYo Mary Style High Collar Blouse: 4.5/5

Fabric: The fabric is a slightly stretch cotton. The lace is high quality. The only issue is that the colour is pure white, but in the stock photo it looks like a cream colour. Maybe I'll tea-dye? Last time I tea-dyed my lace turned out pink. Maybe not.

Fit: This fits beautifully. The sleeves are just the right length!!! Please note that the ruffles on the ends of the sleeves are humongous.

Workmanship: As far as I can tell, the workmanship is lovely! The pintucks are all even and straight, and the lace is sewn in nicely. A cool thing is that there's a press stud in between the buttons at the bust line, so you can never have a gappy blouse! Such a nice touch, and well hidden. The detachable bow is really cute, and the blouse looks good with or without it. It came with four extra buttons, an extra press stud, and an extra brooch pin. Just in case!!

Here it is, fresh from the bag!

Close up of the label, collar, bow, and lace.

Dear Celine Flocky Jsk: 4.5/5

Fabric: The black part of this dress is made from thin velvet-type fabric. The flocking is grey wool with black velvet patterns. The whole thing is fully lined with black sateen. The fabric seems like it will be quite warm. There is a nice lace detail at the front which might not be as nice as the lace on the blouse, but is also not as integral to the design, so no matter.

Fit: I deliberately ordered this a little bigger than the blouse because I wanted to be sure it would fit over the top of a blouse or whatever. I needn't have, as it is a pretty large fit on me. It does fit, but I have to do the corset lacing up pretty tight (all the way) before it feels really snug. This is my own fault! One weird thing is that the front bodice is a bit gappy at the top, just above my bust. It's not really noticeable, especially with a pretty blouse underneath.

Workmanship: This is just lovely. The pintucks and ruffles on the bodice are really well done, and the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt is even and falls nicely. I'm really happy with this dress! It also came with two extra bow pins, which are pretty and have a jewel in the centre. As per stock picture!

Fresh out of the bag! With extra bow pins.

Close up of detail on bodice - turns out velvet doesn't photograph too well. Pintucks, centre lace, trim, and ruffle at the top.

Print/fabric detail.

Fully lined!

Both items being worn - looking to the left.

Another view - looking slightly right. Now with bonus chin!

Overall: 4.25/5. This is great! I'm totally wearing these things RIGHT NOW!


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