New resin jewellery

So I've been making more jewellery for my church Arts and Crafts show.

My old resin jewellery was made in beer bottle caps. This year I thought that was a bit tacky, so I actually bought some pendant backs to use. Plus, this time I wasn't drunk while making them.

I bought my supplies off It's such a good place to buy supplies! I bought three sets of pendant backs from them. 20 square ones with a loop, 10 thin round ones and 10 thin oval ones. I also bought "one container of watch innards", which looked big in the picture on etsy but is actually microscopic. Charles said I should've bought huge clock parts. Anyhow, they work well.

These ones are made with pictures from old storybooks and other bits of paper. Don't worry, I didn't use storybooks that were any good to anyone.
The ones with clock parts. The background paper is just coffee-stained printer paper. I tried to arrange the clock parts in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but they are so SMALL! It was really hard to get them in the right place without sticking to my hands.

A mixture for you. I like duckies. Next project is to make necklaces for these. I'm not sure whether to have plain chains or interesting necklaces. I've seen some pretty nice ones on etsy. How much should I charge for these bad boys?


  1. Yay! New pendant designs...I like that you used clock parts - it was a stroke of genius.I agree with Charles, larger clock parts should be very interesting. I think can charge between $7 and $12.50, although I'm not the best person to ask, since I don't know for how much custom-made artistic pendants usually sell for.

  2. Nice work! There's some really good articles about pricing your stuff on the Etsy blog if you poke about a bit.

    Also, I was checking out Charles' Diana pictures - very cool! I'm totally going to take some in Japan. If we ever get to go!
    We'd like to go for our honeymoon but its kinda pricey.

  3. Thanks Ra! I'll check out etsy.
    If you go to Japan, I really recommend staying at Shinjuku Hotel Century Southern Tower (tokyo)... and ask for a room with a good view. It's really tall and you can see Mt. Fuji. The rooms are amazing and huge. It's not *too* expensive if you only stay there a little while (we only stayed 1 night). Plus it's close to Marui One which is totally where you want to shop.

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