Bodyline blouse alteration!


The first time I went to Japan and had no idea about Gothic Lolita fashion, I bought this blouse from Bodyline.
This photo is of me in Japan having just put on my first ever Lolita blouse and skirt. I thought I was the cutest. Turns out I wasn't cute at all, because the frigging collar was too big.

I usually wear the first button undone, so the collar looks a whole lot wider than on the bodyline model. Seriously this blouse collar is gigantic! What's going on there?!

So I took my needle and thread and turned the lace under the collar. I also did the sleeves. How many more percentage points of wearableness do I gain? Like a billion! I'm so happy with how this turned out, that I might actually wear this again! It was slightly clowny before.

Now the only problem is that it's really short, but I don't know how I'll go about altering that one. Suggestions?


  1. hi chrissy..we lost our omegle contact..but thanx to this link...u look awesome..i was about to write that..but ..ok so if u recognize the same guy frm india..n ill follow ur blogs as much as i can..bye

  2. I remember both the shirt and the blouse, despite the collar being elphantic, I didn't really notice. I thought it looked really interesting, I mean you even won the Youth Group fashion (dress-up) contest. Do you remember that Stephen was a box? It was pretty cool. But, I'm glad you could alter it so that you yourself is happy how it looks - I like the change, though.


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