Predictability lol

So about 5 weeks ago I ordered a dress from Dear Celine - a black/grey classical high-waisted affair. It's been 5 weeks, so stuff is bound to happen in that time. I look at dresses online every day.

I've also been obsessing over a particular Victorian Maiden dress - which happens to be on sale right now. I keep telling myself that the reason I love it is because of the print - flamingoes! I just love flamingoes. And pelicans. But they don't have a pelican print.

Tonight I was just thinking about stuff I like. I thought about these two dresses, amongst others. I looked at the pictures. Then I thought... wait a second. Flip the Dear Celine dress. Enhance... Enhance.


Does anyone else agree with me that these are pretty much the same?

I can be so predictable.

I'll be receiving the Dear Celine dress in the mail probably this week, so I'm going to write up a review. I'm quite excited.

(I still want the Victorian Maiden dress, too.)


  1. It is cool that you look at dresses online every day. I mostly do the same with games, but since I've went through most of the interesting websites, it gets boring from time to time.

    Looking at the photo, they do look quite similar, although I like the Dear Celine dress more (the Victorian Maiden is pretty rad with its flamingos).

    I hope receive your dress soon. I'm waiting for empty DVD exciting (not really...its a very dull thing to buy).


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