Awful t-shirt => Less awful t-shirt

So here we have a blog post! Imagine that!
Here's my old lame 3/4 length black t-shirt. Boring!

Here's what I did! I unpicked the sleeves! And then I got some similar black stretch fabric and made some short puffed sleeves! And then I sewed the old sleeves back to the bottom of the puffs! Observe!

I guess you could call it a leg of lamb sleeve? This is me in a mirror turned slightly to the right!

Me turned slightly to the left! Anyhow turns out everyone has these kind of tops now. Fashion? So I can wear it! Yay!

See? Puffed. Lame photo quality, but it's usually dark when I want to take photos, and also... I'm kind of embarrassed asking my parents to take photos of me in stuff I make. So self-portraits all the way! Parents don't understand blogging.

Cats and kittens! I am totally into Dinosaur Comics right now! I feel like they explain the finer points of my existence in comic form! COMICS ABOUT TALKING DINOSAURS!


  1. I really like how you altered your t-shirt so that it would fit your style - it looks cool!

    Yay for Talking Dinosaurs comics! The newest one is very philosophical...


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