Lolita shops in Osaka

There are so many Lolita shops in Osaka! Victorian Maiden I've already written about, but I also visited Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Bodyline, Innocent World, Atelier Pierrot, Marble, and a Kera Arena shop. I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that are around the Namba area which is the cool part of Osaka.

Please Note: I did not buy ANY DRESSES at ANY of these shops. This is not because I hated all the stuff, but because I'm a poor student. Pity me.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright was quite a large store with lots of stock. My problem here was that I don't really like Baby's style much. I bypassed all the dresses save an Alice And The Pirates one, and ended up buying some earrings which were on sale. I do love looking around Baby, and probably would have tried on a dress if I wasn't so nervous. Seriously, there were four shop assistants! I don't really like how they bow and scrape and don't let you look for yourself. I guess I'm just not used to it, and it makes me worried I'll say the wrong thing when they tell me stuff. I sometimes wished I could say...


I really like the Alice And The Pirates pointy boots. They look like something a real pirate would wear.

Next, Bodyline! As far as I can tell, there are two Bodyline shops in Osaka - but I can't be sure. One I visited in 2008, and the other in 2010, so they might just have moved. Anyhow, the one I went to this year was HUGE! Giant! Two floors! I was so thoroughly impressed with their range of stock. I think they had everything off their webshop, unlike Bodyline in Harajuku! I didn't buy anything, probably because I was carrying my Victorian Maiden bag and felt smug and posh. But still, it was really good fun looking at that shop. The thing with Bodyline is that you aren't allowed to try the clothes on before you buy, so there's no knowing if it will fit or not. Luckily they have more than one size though.

Innocent World... does anyone else read their logo as Innocent Blorgh? The W looks like a Bl in that frilly font. Anyhow, this shop is nice. It's right next to a Village Vanguard (the exciting bookstore) so if you get sick of Mozart you can pop next door for an action-packed shopping experience! Innocent World has nice socks and shoes, but I find some of their prints a bit twee. I'm not that fond of rabbits-in-waistcoats-having-a-picnic (not an actual IW print... I think?). They're very pretty and cute, but I'd choose florals any day. The dress styles are very nice though.

Innocent Blorgh was right across the road from...

Atelier Pierrot. I LOVE this shop. It stocks several brands, such as Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Moi-Meme-Moitie, and Juliette et Justine, as well as their own brand. This shop focusses on Classic lolita and Gothic lolita, which is really my thing. Deep reds and blues and nice laces, and no stupid prints. Plus the shop girl didn't hound me. The weird thing about this shop was that it had Victorian Maiden pieces that even the VM press room didn't have! That was impressive, but I was a bit cut that I hadn't had the full selection at VM.

Marble. Does anyone buy stuff from this brand? It seems kind of nice. This shop was upstairs in some weird building (like most shops in Japan, I find). These clothes seemed to be tending towards Gothicy - Victorian period rather than particularly Lolita. Certainly not sweet. Here's the thing. There were mannequins that had really cool outfits on. But when I looked in the shelves, I couldn't find any of the items! The shelves were packed SO TIGHTLY with stuff that you could hardly separate the clothes. It's like they don't sell anything but keep getting more stock. They also sold some beautiful accessories, jewelery and gloves and the like.

Kera Arena shop was located in a mall, which was really close to the America Mura Triangle park. This store wasn't as cool as I was hoping, because they mostly stocked punk-loli and Maxicimam. I don't love Maxicimam. Too much race! They did have some nice Mary Magdalene dresses which I almost bought. They were adorable! But even if it was made of pure gold threads of awesome, I doubt I could afford a Y60,000 coat. Mary Magdalene! Why do you taunt me so!?

The end! Yaaaaay! Sorry it wasn't more comprehensive, but I'll answer any questions as best I can. Remember, I had a boyfriend in tow so it wasn't easy to visit all these girly shops! I had to trade off with a day or two in Akihabara electric town, and many Bic Camera shops.


  1. I loved the comment on Innocent World. I'll never be able to look at their logo the same again.

  2. Haha, I always read Innocent World as Innocent Blood xD

    The Atelier Pierrot shop sounds really cool.

  3. For some reason I had a lot of trouble finding BL in Osaka. Is it close to h.naoto?

    Anyway, Innocent Blorgh isn't that bad. The first time my sister read the embossing in my IW bag, she thought it read "Innocent Bitch"

  4. Lol at the Bernard Black quote! Thanks for taking the time to write up this guide; it's very helpful!

  5. Arr..piratey boots. :D Your descriptions are quite comprehensive. :nod:

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