Trip to Japan!

Next Thursday, Charles and I are going to be flying out to Japan for our second ever trip! We'll be visiting Tokyo, Nagasaki, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and some mystery places north of Tokyo. We've got some great activities lined up too.

I have two things planned that I'm really super excited about. Firstly, I'm getting a hair cut. Let me explain.

Last year, I had my hair cut in Japan at my friend's favourite hairdresser. This hairdresser was a super-stylish handsome man who also worked part time at a Host Club. He cut my hair really well. You know how in most hairdressers, they wash your hair and then give your head a "massage"? And the massage is more like they're trying to break your skull? He was really gentle. I felt like a pretty princess. And then, when I came back to Australia, I got a haircut at a local place. The woman was telling me all about how she's trained in New York and Paris and everything... and she cut my fringe too short. I nearly died. Since then I've cut my own hair, and it's worked out really well. It's not so hard. So now I can say... "I only get my hair cut my by my stylist in Japan".

The second thing I'm super excited about... is visiting Victorian Maiden in Osaka. Victorian Maiden is my favourite brand in the whole world ever. Baby Schmaby (not that I've ever tried on either a VM or a Baby dress). What makes this visit so special is that they only have one actual shop. It's called the "Victorian Maiden Press Room". You have to send them an email to book a time to come, and boys are not allowed in the shop alone. I think I should be ok bringing Charles, though, because he'll be with me, and because I'm a gaijin. Victorian Maiden is notoriously expensive (more than the other brands, even), and I've been saving up all year. I even know what I'll buy - that is, if the stuff I want is in stock. I'll make another post about that another day. Anyone interested?

I've also been looking at some other shops to visit in Tokyo, like the Marui One Shinjuku department store, and of course Laforet Harajuku. I went there last time but had no idea about anything at the time. This time I'll appreciate it more. I'd like to go to more Lolita shops, such as Innocent World and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. I never got to one last time! In Osaka I'm going to go to the Aranzi Aronzo shop again - I went last time and it was one of my favourite places. We both bought a lot of cute stuff there!

Here are some photos from our last trip, in December 2008:

Five vending machines in a row!

Me at the famous bridge in Akihabara

Harajuku girls at the famous Meiji-dori.

Pretty street at Ginza. I took this while on the pedestrian crossing - and got a telling off from Charles for my foolishness. Worth it.


  1. Happy New Year!

    *Jealous* Are you going to be blogging from Japan again? I'd really like to know what it's like at Victorian Maiden. I think I'd get stopped at the door for having a waist too big to fit any of their gorgeous dresses.

  2. Yes, we'll be using the same blog as last time. I'll post a link when I get there :-)
    Nonsense! If they saw someone as lovely as you, they'd probably ask you to work there!

  3. Flattery will get you everywhere!
    Hope you guys have a great time.

  4. If she really was trained in Paris and New York, she probably wouldn't be working in Canberra (since she probably would have get better pay in Sydney or Melbourne) and I don't think she would have bragged about it. You must be really excited getting your cut by the host club stylist. :D

    I'm glad that you saved enough money to buy a Victorian Maiden and visit their shop, since I know it is your favourite brand. :D


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