No Poo = Poo

So I quit using bi-carb instead of shampoo. I did it for about 3 weeks, washing my hair every 3 - 4 days. At first I just used the bi-carb, but it felt horrible so I started using normal conditioner as well. That helped a little, but the other day I washed my hair and it came out AS GREASY AS BEFORE, and felt like bits of straw or pipe cleaners. I washed with normal shampoo and my hair feels amazing. Perhaps I just needed a change. Perhaps my hair is not suited to this treatment. Perhaps no-poo sucks.

Here are some common arguments for the "no poo" method, and my counter arguments.

"My hair is so shiny" - Really? Maybe that's because it's so greasy.

"My hair holds any style" - You know how wire stays when you bend it? This.

"I don't have to wash my hair as often" - I guess this just depends on how greasy you like your hair to look.

"I just have to blow dry my hair and go" - When it wasn't weird and greasy, my hair went strange and frizzy and stiff (both at once! weird!) and I had to use my straightener to make it look any kind of normal.

Also, this made my head really itchy and gave me dandruff. It was as though I had a buildup of dry bi-carb on my head, even though I washed it out very thoroughly. Now with real shampoo, my hair feels silky rather than stiff, clean rather than coated in grease, shiny rather than frizzy, and my head doesn't itch. I would like to reduce how much I shampoo, though. That will be my next experiment.

Here is a link to someone else who failed at no-poo. She has a more in-depth discussion which is really interesting.

No-poo, I am disappointed in you. Disappointed.


  1. I'm sorry the bi-carb didn't work out for you. I'm glad your hair isn't itchy and greasy anymore. At least you tried something new...

  2. Perhaps no-poo SUCKS. (made me giggle)


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