I'm on HOLIDAYS now and I've started sewing again!

Yesterday I made a SECRET CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR CHARLES and hemmed some fabric to make a silky scarf for my mum...

It was soooo hard. I swore and threw chiffon at the sewing machine because I couldn't do the tiny hems. But I did it in the end! ^.^ it's good!

Today I'm making an A-line skirt (again for my mum) for Christmas. It's a vintage pattern I found somewhere. Quick and easy!

I have a big pile of fabric in my room with post-it notes on each piece... "dress"... "skirt for mum"... "re-fashion skirt"... "bows"... "blouse"... "pyjamas?!"... etc. I mainly kept that pyjama fabric so mum wouldn't throw it out! I bet I won't even make pyjamas.

I'll attempt to take photos of all the stuff I make, and all the stuff I made and didn't take photos of yet. Mainly skirts, as I am terrified of actually making a blouse. What is wrong with me.


  1. On holidays! *jealous*
    I seem to avoid things with button holes for some reason. They're not even that hard to do...

    Finally tried the bicarb shampoo thing - I was quite surprised how well it worked!

  2. Haha that's great! I find it's problematic without conditioner though. I'm trying to stick it out - Let me know if you still like it after a while!

  3. I'm glad you found some projects to do and I'm sure that Charles and your mum will love their presents.

  4. WE WANT SKIRTS! MAKE MORE SKIRTS! DOWN WITH SKIRTS! SKIRTS SKIRTS SKIRTS! Jeez Chaddy, where'd you get so girlygirly?


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