Christmas Eve

So it's 11:28pm on Christmas Eve and I only just finished creating and wrapping the last of my Christmas presents. I've made *so many things*. Tomorrow I'll force my family to put on their items and take photos for youse.

There are Christmas beetles EVERYWHERE IN MY HOUSE flying into stuff. It's like they don't have eyes.

This evening was Carols on the Lawn at my church. I was going to be playing 3 or 4 carols, and another man was going to play the other 4 or 5. He rang me up this morning saying he'd been in a car crash (!) and was too shaky to play. His car was totaled but somehow (thank goodness) he was unhurt. So I spent all day practicing the songs he was going to play, and ended up playing them all this evening. It was a bit shaky, but it was a casual event and everyone appreciated it. Luckily it was overcast and not too hot. Performing in the hot sucks.

Time for bed, and maybe Santa will visit tonight! Happy Christmas friends!


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