Say No To Poo!

My friend once told me "I don't use shampoo... I use real poo!"

I read Victoria Suzanne's post about her beauty products and noticed that she uses Sodium Bicarbonate instead of shampoo. I am never satisfied with the way shampoo leaves my hair so I researched this a little bit.
It turns out that there's a "movement" (lol) called "No Poo", which is basically using more natural (or at least chemically simpler) substances than shampoo. Many people on the blogosphere seem to agree that the chemicals in shampoo are detrimental to hair - especially the stuff in it that acts as a detergent.
Lots of people seem to use BiCarb to wash, and then apple cider vinegar to condition. The plan is that if you follow the regime for a while, you will need to wash your hair much less often, like once a week instead of every other day.
I didn't have any apple cider vinegar (actually I did, but only found it after I'd finished, staring at me from an obvious place on the shelf) so I thought I'd just try with the BiCarb. I mixed one tablespoon in one cup of water, as per the vast majority of instructions. It's weird because it doesn't lather, and it gives no impression that it's doing anything at all. But when I dried my hair, it was clean as anything!
Without using conditioner, or apple cider vinegar, it is kind of unruly and gets a lot of knots. Despite this, it feels unusually soft so I guess BiCarb is gentler than regular shampoo.
When I get around to using the apple cider vinegar, I'll update again. This could just be frigging fantastic.


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