LMTD Photoshoot! Shoop!

LMTD had a photoshoot with my super-best-friend-photographer Rohan.  He is frigging awesome.
Left to right: Bunnjamioh, with his Lab-Waistcoat, Hanna with her Lab-dress and 3-tiered underskirt, and Charles with his lab-tailcoat, handmade cummerbund (!) and cravat (!!).

I'm pretty pleased with the waistcoat.  I got my dad's one and traced the outline onto the labcoat.  It just looks so neat!  Charles' tailcoat was based on this one from Black Peace Now, but it is obviously white.

Here you can sort of see the shirring on the back of the dress.  Those are also my shoes!  I didn't make those.  But they are still FANTASTIC.
I plan to post some more pictures of stuff in detail, like the cummerbund.  Excitement!
If you go to Charles' blog, you can find out more stuff about the LMTD project *apart* from the costumes!


  1. The costumes look fantastic - a job well done, Chrissy. You've totally transformed those lab coats into something unique. :D

  2. Good stuff! They turned out really well.

  3. Yay! Glad you like them! Do you think I should post this on sew_loli? I'm tempted.

  4. I love my cravat and cummerbund. They are awesome. Everything is awesome. Chrissy... is... awesome.


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