KidsYoYo and Qutieland Review

Part 1
Thursday, 17th September: Today I ordered this lovely KidsYoYo OP in the blue floral fabric from Qutieland. This is the original Mary Magdalene one (about twice as expensive) that it's based on. Beautiful, isn't it! Charles says it looks like it's from Mushroom Kingdom. I am cool with that assessment. I emailed Qutieland with a query about size, and I got a reply saying that they will make the dress according to my measurements, and not to a fixed size. They will take my measurements and add 3 - 4cm for ease, and there is lacing at the back. This dress is supposed to take 20 - 25 working days to make. That's a max of 5 weeks!
It ended up being $133 AUD, shipping included.

Part 2
Tuesday, 20th October: Today my dress arrived! It was folded neatly in a plastic bag in a postage bag. It needed an iron when I took these photos, but I couldn't resist putting it on immediately! The quality is really good. It is lined with a thin cotton fabric, and the outer fabric is cotton. The tiered underskirt is made from cotton broderie anglaise. The dress comes with two bow brooches, one made of the dress fabric and one made of a complimentary colour - in this case, a dark aqua kind of colour. I didn't expect two! Very happy.
The sewing is all good, a couple of loose threads but that's normal. It fits me really well and I'm totally happy.
The only weird thing is that I didn't get notified that it was shipped until about 5 hours after it arrived. My dress traveled through time. Best dress ever.

Photos! I'm not wearing much of a petticoat (I have one on order from Qutieland ^.^) but you get the idea.

Here's the dress as it came, with tag and two brooches:
Here's a close-up of the two brooches. I'm really happy that they're brooches and not sewn on. Now I can use one on my dress and one on my jacket!
I've always been happy with my purchases from Qutieland, and this is no exception. Winner!


  1. Wow, they even made the dress according to your that is good service. :nod:

    I agree with Charles...:D

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