Dear Internet,

If you're reading this I guess you're still reading this.  You know I like you the best.

So have I been doing any more projects?  Yes, I have actually.  Yes.  Would you like to see my latest skirt?  Gee, only because you're so darn PUSHY about it.  And STOP POKING ME WITH A STICK!

I cut my head off in the photo because it was wrapped in a towel.  You ALL needed to know that.

With all due respect (how much respect does the Internet deserve anyway?  There's lots of unrespectable stuff on the Internet.)



  1. I've already seen it! It's amazing.

  2. Yup, still reading. *pokes*

    I like your new skirt. The pleats look fantastic and it adds to the complexity of the skirt.

    The grass in your garden looks very green. :D Yay!


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