Yesterday I found out that the costumes for LMTD have to be done by this Wednesday.  Hahahahahaha!

Tonight my sewing machine actually blew up.  The pedal went bang and started smoking.  Luckily Charles was with me so we could work together to quickly unplug it and get it out of the house.  It was... intense.  Intense but really smelly - now we have all the windows in the lounge room open to get the stench out.

On the up side, I only had one hem to sew anyway.  That's right: everything is finished.  Of course, I don't know if it'll fit everyone, but it appears that costumes are not priority: actually writing a production takes precedence.  Whatever!

I'll post pictures as soon as I take some.  Soon!  


  1. That does sound intense, but exciting at the same time. It is not every day that a sewing machine EXPLODES. But I hope it is fixable.

    Congratulations on finishing the project. I'm sure all the costumes will fit. :D


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