Costumes update!

Here's an update of the labcoat-costumes for Last Thing To Thing!  Plz excuse lame floor pictures, I hope when I'm done I'll get to take some pictures of the costumes on the actual people.
So here's Hanna's labcoat so far.  I unpicked the long sleeves and turned them into puffed sleeves!  The sides are also taken in a bit.  I've started shirring the back (the lazy method, not the professional method) but had to stop when the sewing machine needle broke.  There is something seriously wrong with the sewing machine.

So with this coat I'm thinking it might need some darts under the bust.  But I don't really know how to do that without making it look weird.  Plus there's a pocket in the way.  Advice from sewers?  Hahahah sewers.  Get it?

Here's the skirt which will go under the labcoat dress.  Three tiers, each with a different type of lace edging.  This is because I thought 3 metres of lace would be enough, but when it only covered one tier, I had to use some from my stash.  The waist is half-elasticised so it looks neat at the front.  It actually falls pretty nicely when held up.  I took it for Hanna to try it on yesterday and she's really happy with it ^_^ It's a winner!

Tonight I hope to finish the shirring on the back of Hanna's labcoat, and get to work on Charles' tailcoat-labcoat.  It needs to be cut to size and have darts inserted in the back.

In other news, I cut my own fringe and bought some shoes like these beautiful Victorian Maiden ones.  I'm having a massive happy.


  1. Dear Chrissy. You are TROUBLE!

  2. It is looking really good so far. I hope you find a way to solve your dart-problem. :thumbsup;

    Congratulations on the shoes, they are quite pretty. :D

  3. Nice shoes. I saw some like that recently but they were way to high for me :\

    Hmm. Looks like you might have to unpick the pocket and put it back on after the darts are in? I would suggest moving the darts to the top and from the arm holes, but that might cause more problems undoing the seams...


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