Tilt Shift! This may as well count as my lat thing-a-days!

Why not?  I never get around to taking photos!  So here are some old photos that have been changed using Tilt Shift maker!  It makes everything look miniature somehow!  I'm still trying to work out how!  Look!  When I went to Japan, I looked at mini-theme parks!

Check out the flickr!  There are some amazing photos there!  Like this one!


  1. It looks really cool!

    I think I know how the program did this - by blurring some parts of the photo (and therefore altering the focus) and scaling. By blurring the background, the background feels further away and the figure in front nearer. The blurring will also hide the scaling of the foreground objects. It might also use other methods or I might also be completely wrong...I think the latter might be the case.


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