Day 37

My mum was all "Chrissy we've got to get rid of some of your old stuff" because my old dolls and teddies are sitting in the other room, not being played with.

These two dolls used to have luscious blonde hair. But when I picked them up, it perished in my fingers. Big Doll used to have short wavy hair, very manageable. Little Doll's long straight hair had always looked a bit stupid - I could never seem to comb it so it would sit nicely.

I decided that I would remove it all and give them new hair.

I could remove all their hair just by rubbing it. I bought some curly doll hair from Spotlight. But now there is a problem - it looks really hard to use, and I'm not sure whether it will look good. There are several ways of applying doll hair, and they're all really tedious and difficult, and it looks like they all hurt fingers.

Also, I think they look awesome and punk.

So what should I do? Knit them hats? Suggestions welcome.


  1. I've had a good look at these dolls. The larger one is clearly a magician and needs a magicians hat and a rabbit. The other, I'm thinking, is more of a concreter/tiler - a hardhat seems appropriate here. I'm sure you could make something to suit the job out of fiberglass in a day or so. Just make sure its functional - who knows what bad habbits this doll gets up to on the job?


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