Day 36

Woo another skirt!  How many am I going to make?  MILLIONS!

It's a bit blurry because the photo was taken at NIGHT.

Anyway, this skirt is inspired by this skirt over at Burdastyle.  Except that this one has pockets, not just pretend pockets.  I was helped along a bit by some kind of pattern, but this was mostly my own pattern.  The pockets were hard to do!

It is lined by an old flannelette sheet.  Reduce, re-use, recycle!

I tried to iron some of my hems and the skirt fabric actually melted!  How crazy is that?!?!  Luckily it was only on a tiny bit.  Next time I iron it, I'll make sure it's on a low heat!  Next time I make a skirt, I'll make sure it's not polyester!

This skirt fits me really well, because I made it with my measurements.  So that is good.  But I sort of wish I hadn't used such bright contrasting fabric.  It makes it hard to wear.

Oh whoops... I forgot to put buttons on the front.  Oh well!



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